Thursday, March 4, 2010

Top Ten Mistakes College Students Make - #10

Each year millions of students go off to college to begin their collegiate journey. And each year millions of students end or derail that journey for various reasons. Many of the reasons students leave college can be avoided if students address certain issues before they become major problems. So today I will begin the blog series, The Top Ten Mistakes College Students Make. I will start the series in reverse order with number 1 being the top mistake students make. So today I will begin with Mistake #10.

Mistake #10 - Not Handling Roommate Issues
Does your roommate come in at all hours of the night disturbing you and not allowing you to get a good night sleep? Or are you and your roommate constantly fighting over various issues that makes your living arrangement unbearable? If this is the case, get help now. You may have to bring in an outside party such as the residence life dean at your school. If the situation continues to be a problem don't be afraid to ask for a different dorm room assignment. Not dealing with roommate issues can become an emotional burden that can create stress in your life which in turn can affect your classroom performance. Deal with roommate issues now!

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