Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Be Yourself

Ok, the title of this blog you have heard before. You have heard your parents say it, you have heard teachers say it, you have probably even heard your grandparents say it, "Be yourself baby". This is nothing new to you. But as you grow up and become a young adult, sometimes you forget to "be yourself" and you become what you think someone wants you to be. This someone can be a boyfriend/girlfriend, a friend, a teacher, your favorite club/group. It can even be a parent.

I am urging you today to not be made in someone else's image. Be who you are, be yourself. This doesn't mean you don't improve, learn, grow, or become better. This means you don't pretend to be someone who you are not to please other people. You cannot truly grow if you are not true to who you really are. Ask yourself one of the famous lines from animation history. In Disney's The Lion King, Simba, the rightful leader of his pride, was asked "Who are you?" Now I ask you, Who are you? Who are you meant to be? Are you a carbon copy of your friends? Are you just like the person next door? If so, that's boring. Be different, be unique, be exciting. How can you do that? Oh I know. Be Yourself!

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