Friday, April 10, 2009

The Future of College Education

What is the future of college education? I believe the future is already upon us. The Web will make the college experience into something different, something we are already seeing with social networking sites. The future of higher education is online, where education is open to everyone. Will we continue, in the future, to command students to leave their cities to relocate to site in a lecture hall to learn from an instructor. Now I know college is more than that and I also know that part of the college experience is being on campus and getting to meet peers and create life long relationships. But that is now beginning to happen with social networking sites.

Many colleges are also putting courses online. YouTube has even seen the benefit of online learning by creating an education channel that shows video from various universities such as MIT and Yale. Check it out at This may even help you choose a college to attend.

Change takes time, but change a'comming.

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