Sunday, March 1, 2009

Great online note taking/research tools

This is a quick note about two free tools that you can use to help you retain notes while you are working on your research paper.

Google Notebook ( is a great tool to use help you keep track of notes and links. You can organize your links by topics and you can install the Notebook in your web browser. So when you need it, it accessible.

I really like the Yahoo Search Pad tool ( While you are searching Yahoo is paying attention to your search and after a few messages Yahoo asks you if you want to record and save your search topics. You can save your search topics and links and organize them. It's really a great feature to help you keep track of topics when you are writing a paper.

There are other tools that do similar things as the two listed above. Some may even be better. Just remember, with all these tools, don't copy someone else's work. Yes, take notes, but write your own paper!

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Consider the following facts when using online note-taking tool or other similar tools:
1) would you almost always has access to the net
2) who owns the data, you or the provider?
3) would you also need to jot down personal thoughts/ideas all the time, then do you feel comfortable of them being hosted and controled by others.
4) does the provide save the data in easily portable format like a standard (relational) database?

A better option might be a tool that supports both offline use and online use for additional resources something.

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I appreciate the work of all people who share information with others.